Imouto wa Shishunki v04 c26

Hey guys, sorry this chapter is so late.  Stupid flu season didn’t let me work on the project.
Well, it’s done now, so enjoy reading


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Imouto wa Shishunki v04c25

Hey all, long time no post, did ya miss us? I bet you did. The reason we went on hiatus is because well, we had no translators to translate IwS, and without translators, there is nothing we could do. Anyway, thanks to Myut, who translated the latest chapter for us, we have a release.

I would like to have more translators to have a backlog of translated chapters, so if anyone is interested, hope aboard.

On to the links

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Missing chapters and status of 4koma scans

Hiya! Sorry for not posting for a long time. The fact of the matter is we do not a have a translator for our project. I have all of the raws of IwS all I need is a translator, without one we cannot do any releases. If you want to help, let me know, I am willing to do up to 2 chapters a week, but will be fine with 1. Thats 4-6 pages a week of 4 koma manga. Not a lot of work. So please if you know translatable amt of japanese, join.

Well, here are the missing chapters of IwS. If there are more, let me know and I will reupload some. Right now I can only upload to mediafire since megaupload is bye bye(stupid feds, I know)

MF v03c07
MF v03c14-15

Till next time

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Imouto wa Shishunki v04 c21-24

Wow, its been a looong time since the last release right? Sorry about that, I kinda lost my motivation when yet another tl quit on us. But thanks to zud0 nudging me on, I was able to qc the chapters and present them to you. As you can guess, we need translator for the rest of the chapters so if you know japanese well enough to translate, leave a comment and we will work from there.

Enjoy. Yonkomascans is officially on hiatus til we get new Japanese-English translator.
Enjoy these last 4 chapters

Now the link goodies.


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Imouto wa Shishunki v04c19-20

So you all are probably wondering why I am late with releases. Truth is they were in my email box on monday. But there was an event in the MMO I was playing so I was too tired to qc them on that day. Tuesday and today I was watching Kim Possible reruns so it was hard to put that down(Hey, its one of my favorite american cartoons, and I don’t have a lot of those.) But I finally managed to put that down and finish qcing the chapters. So enjoy. As they say, “better late then never”


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Imouto wa Shishunki v04c17-18

Well, I promised this on sunday/monday and here it is. these 2 chapters mark about half way point of v04.

A little DW news. I finally got email from the editor, and he said he will get the remaining chapters done soon.

Anyway, here are the links. Enjoy.
Note: fixed page numbering.

Note x 2: Question: What happens when you don’t double check your work? A: You get missing bubbles, wrong page numbering, etc. As dtp pointed out, there was a blank bubble on page 17-2. Well, here is the corrected archive of 17 and 18. Enjoy.


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Double Release Imouto wa Shishunki v04 c13-16

Ok, funny story. Last week the editor’s email client decided to treat my emails as spam, so he got his tl’s late and well, he was done later then usual. So instead of releasing them right there and then I decided “hey, why not just wait for the next week’s chapters and release them all together”. So I did, but I have been busy with life and there has been severe thunderstorms in my area which prevented me from qcing all 4 chapters on time. Well, nonetheless I am done so enjoy your read. Expect next chapters on sunday/monday.

As for DW, I still haven’t heard anything from the editor, so I am gonna have to edit the last few chapters of v05 myself. Expect them in the days to come.


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